Cannabis Exercise Performance & Sport – How To Get Started

Are you ready to take your mind and body to an even higher level by combining cannabis with exercise and sports performance? If you’ve answered yes, you’re in for a treat in learning about how researchers are discovering how cannabis is being used in sports and exercise.

Consuming cannabis before, during, and/or after a workout can elevate your mood to help you focus on pushing beyond your typical limits in exercising or competing in sports.

Pact Act 2021 – How It Affects Cannabis

Congress passed the PACT ACT amendment to include regulations on e-cigarette products to include in its definition the use of vaping products within the cannabis industry.

Most of the cannabis industry won’t feel the effects of the recent signing of the PACT ACT. More than likely, this Act will “not” affect the revenue of online manufacturers of cannabis/hemp vaping products due to the existence of even more strict regulations and taxation.