Cannabis Expert Dr. Huge Reveals Positive Effects Of Use In Fitness & Bodybuilding

“Friends of Freedom, Pioneers of Human Evolution.”

Real name Anthony Hughes (Dr. Huge), a cannabis health & fitness expert, shares his experience with how different types of cannabis — using specific protocols — help aid all aspects of fitness, working out, bodybuilding, etc.

Different strains of cannabis, at each stage of your workout, makes the entire process more pleasurable. When boredom or pain thresholds prevent you from pushing yourself to maximum intensity, starting with Sativa strains, helps you focus, add energy & allows you to contract your muscles harder.

While this is a short intro list of the positive effects of cannabis, cannabis fitness expert Dr. Huge helps us understand certain protocols and methods to optimize your enjoyment towards carving out the body you want.

Is Cannabis Good For Fitness?

Cannabis fitness expert Dr. Huge begins by explaining, “Cannabis has no drawbacks, only benefits.”

Generally, in most cases, cannabis is good for you and will help you.

Potential bad aspects of cannabis to look out for.

  • Break diet. Makes you break your diet due to hunger cravings
  • Skip workout. Lazy. Couch lock making you less likely to do the workout
  • Strain type. Certain strains may not work for some people.

Other than that, cannabis has no drawback to your health, wellness, and physiology. 

Some natural bodybuilders suspect if you smoke too much cannabis, it could cause a lowering of testosterone. 

With only a few possible detrimental effects to some personalities and body types, cannabis, in general, provides benefits.

Don’t give up, and don’t write it off completely if you have a bad experience the first time you try cannabis with your workout. 

If you are one of the more rare individuals that had an initial bad experience, on cannabis or any drug, the very first time you tried it — Tony’s message is clear on how to get and keep a positive experience with cannabis.

What can cause a bad potential initial experience is you could have taken the wrong strain, you might have stacked cannabis with something that doesn’t mix well, you could have taken too much or not enough.

The fundamental understanding of adding cannabis to your fitness routine is to know it may take some time to properly fine-tune the optimal experience. 

Everyone has a different body chemistry and may require a specific formula that only works for them. 

You can’t try just once and give up. 

If you try cannabis once and give up forever, you’ll never get to understand, experience, or enjoy the true powerful potential.

Are There Better Consumption Methods Of Taking Cannabis For Fitness Than Others?

Edibles are great for helping aid normal sleep and relaxation, however, they can cause physical laziness if you’re not careful. 

Taking edibles during the day might cause couch lock and prevent you from being able to muster up the energy to do your workout.

Among all the different ways of consuming cannabis, it doesn’t make too much of a difference in your health. 

In some instances, taking a high dose of cannabis oral (edibles or tinctures) allows the cannabis to better get into the cells to better prevent issues or certain damages.

Smoking cannabis still has numerous benefits, but nowhere near as potent as eating it.

Any method of consumption may require specific doses.

For occasional daytime anxious feelings, Dr. Huge finds if you take a cannabis edible in a lower dose of between 2.5 – 5 mg in the morning, you’ll be able to function more normally without feeling stressed or high strung.

Lower doses of cannabis edibles are excellent for when you don’t want it interfering with your motivation or normal mental abilities.

Are There Specific Cannabis Strains That Are Better Or Worse For Fitness?

Dr. Huge’s personal experience with different strains opens up a wide range of possibilities in how to use new strains at each stage of the workout.

“My personal approach is to use a sativa before a workout, and I smoke it, and because I’ve built up a decent tolerance, it only lasts a few hours.” 

Best strains for fitness includes.

  • Variety. New feelings and effects. Prevents building a tolerance.
  • Jack Herer. Energizing. No couch lock.
  • Nightwalker. Good for sleeping.
  • Bruce Banner. Great for workout.
  • Wild Thailand. Great for energy as a pre-workout.
  • Green Crack. Energy and pre-workout.

A growing consensus among cannabis fitness consumers are finding that by constantly rotating varieties, you may better prevent yourself from building up a tolerance. 

Hughes continues explaining, “It doesn’t affect me all day. I’m usually on a sativa when I’m working out because I can feel the muscle contracting more, and it makes my focus better.”

Recommending one big puff before & hold 10 seconds while breathing out slowly or a 10 mg edible.

How Sativa Helps You During A Workout.

  • Sativa lasts a few hours during the workout
  • Feel muscles contract more
  • Better focus
  • Workout is more pleasurable
  • Contract muscle harder
  • More reps
  • Push through higher pain thresholds
  • Bodybuilding
  • Focusing mind-body muscle connection in repetitions

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“I find working out more pleasurable, and I feel like I can contract the muscle harder, do more reps, and push through a bit more of a pain threshold.”

How Indica Helps After A Workout.

  • Better afternoon nap sleep quality
  • Sober after waking up from one hour nap

How Cannabis Doesn’t Help.

  • Heavy powerlifting

Once again, it’s important to highlight that everyone will have a different response to each strain of cannabis.

If one of the recommended strains aren’t working as described, take less, try another strain, or a different method of consumption.

What’s Your Experience Or What Have You Heard About Delta 8 THC For Fitness?

Since delta 8 THC is a more recent trend within the cannabis industry, most fitness gurus are still becoming aware of the powerful potential of integrating cannabis into their routines.

Beyond the basics of cannabis edibles, Sativa, and India, researchers are finding massive interest in unique and rare cannabinoids.

Learn more: Delta-8-THC – Complete Guide To The Next Best Cannabinoid

With delta 8 THC being a recently trending cannabinoid spreading quickly between new industries, the potential applications of using specific cannabinoids for specific functions is a growing interest among many.

Learn more: Is Delta-8 THC Synthetic? What You Need To Know When Buying D8

The Tiny Dancer offers a premium product line of quality delta 8 THC vape disposables in several flavors.

What Specific Benefits Can You Get From Using Cannabis For Fitness?

Tony explains, “Cannabis makes eating more pleasurable, even if it’s specific foods that aren’t always as appetizing to bodybuilders, and it allows you to better appreciate any foods. It makes me more appreciative of anything more.”

If I need to eat a lot of food, I enjoy eating it more on cannabis. And even if I need to eat less food.

Food is a true component of fitness, and people underestimate the diet.

With cardio, when you’re on a sativa, you get into a groove or rhythm that makes it more pleasurable to do more cardio. 

“When I’m in the gym,” Hughes continues explaining, “I notice most people are just going through the motions. They’re not feeling euphoria. Sometimes really effective workouts aren’t that fun and are just painful.”

With Sativa strains, you get into a certain groove, you’re more sensitized to feel the music you’re listening to more. You close your eyes, feel the muscles, feel the music and get under a certain amount of weight you can do 20 reps on. After 20 reps, you then start doing partial reps, and then smaller partial reps.

By using certain intensity techniques you can extend a 40-second set into a two-minute or longer set. 

You’re able to keep going, growing the muscle. 

This is much more effective than doing only several sets of the same routine exercise and not coming at it with the same amount of intensity.

The goal is to shock the muscle, and in order to shock the muscle, you have to do more than your muscle physically can. Your mind has to control, and you have to push past a pain threshold. 

When you’re in the zone on Sativa, and you’re feeling the music, it’s almost as if you don’t feel the pain, and it becomes pleasurable. 

Hughes says, “I wish more people could experience this because I think it’s a real game-changer.”

What Other Drugs Can You Take With Cannabis To Enhance Your Workout?

Other drugs Tony recommends you can mix with cannabis while you’re working out is the supplement yohimbine for its secondary nootropics effects.

Nootropics are supplements claiming to increase cognitive operation, specifically your executive functions that include memory, motivation, creativity, etc.

Yohimbine mixed with cannabis has an excellent effect on cardio and has nootropic properties as well. 

The nootropics effects appear to work synergistically with cannabis. 

With cannabis alone, while doing cardio, there’s a little bit of brain fog and sedation that comes with it.

Adding yohimbine to your cannabis and cardio workout brings an extra edge of excitement, in relation to the nootropics effects.

Combining the excitement and the increased motivation to work out, plus the good feeling, and stamina that cannabis provides, the combination makes the cardio workout even more pleasurable. 

Supplements to combine with cannabis to enhance synergy.

Rage Stim Reloaded is a high stimulant pre-workout with five different stimulates that works synergistically with cannabis, with only one scoop.

Whereas Rage Pump is the no stimulant version but also has excellent nootropics to help increase focus, mental energy — all without increasing your heart rate or interfering with sleep.

Hughes warns there’s a bit of a risk in mixing too many drugs together at once.

Even though the body is strong and can handle quite a bit, if you mix too many different types of supplements at once, there’s a risk of nausea and fatigue.

Don’t overdo it.

Hughes recommends starting with one substance at a time and then slowly combining other supplements together to see how it makes you feel during your workout. 

Where Can I Find More Information About Dr. Huge?

Dr. Huge is featured all throughout the fitness and bodybuilding world is the owner of the supplement company Enhanced.

Films Dr. Tony Huge is featured in include.

An overarching theme of the above-listed films involves Dr. Huge investing in underground research, in one of his own facilities.

After retiring from being a lawyer, Dr. Huge went to work on performing underground chemical research on humans.

One cannabis research experiment featured in Generation Iron Enhanced 2 The Max is the development of a prototype cannabis injectable. 

Through pioneering innovation, Dr. Huge and his team are on a mission to disrupt the industry by providing the most effective hardcore supplements available on the market.

By staying on the cutting edge of advancing technology, Dr. Huge continues to raise the bar and set the industry standard on what a perfect supplement line should be.

With a constant focus on advancing technologies for bodybuilders and high-performance athletes, Tony will keep providing the world’s best products so you’ll never again have to settle for anything less than the very best the world has to offer.

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Final Thoughts With Dr. Huge

Over the years of development, Dr. Huge has had a few mentors to help guide him to trying cannabis the first time as well as leading him to high rep training.

Guru Ameen was the first to introduce Dr. Huge to cannabis as a sleep aid.

After trying cannabis once, the first time, Tony had a next-level experience that sold him on exploring cannabis to its fullest potential.

Coach Marco from Sacramento California was the mentor who introduced Tony to high rep training as an effective bodybuilding strategy.

Starting next week, Tony will be releasing a new protocol every week on his website (

To better optimize and enhance your overall fitness and bodybuilding experience, Tony’s protocols will include a wide range of specific areas of health and fitness — some protocols to include how he actually uses cannabis.

Tony’s upcoming protocols will include.

  • Building muscle
  • Losing fat
  • Sleep
  • Suppressing appetite
  • Increasing appetite 

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