What Are HHC Disposable Vapes? What You Need To Know?

Hemp-derived cannabinoids continue growing in popularity as exciting new extracts emerge on the market.

HHC, aka Hexahydrocannabinol, is one of the next trending cannabinoids extracted from hemp, providing a host of pleasant all over body sensations. After carefully listening to the market’s demands, we’ve hand crafted tasty HHC disposable vapes for a clean, convenient, and discreet adventure.

Today, we’ll look at the general landscape of what HHC actually is, what are HHC disposable vapes, and what effects they’re providing people who enjoy experiencing fun and uplifting cannabinoids.

What Is HHC?

More technically known as Hexahydrocannabinol, HHC is a recently emerging cannabinoid found in the hemp plant.

Over the years, scientists continue discovering new cannabinoids in cannabis that are highly desirable by avid consumers.

With over 100 distinct cannabinoids known to the scientific community, HHC is finding its way into the heart, mind, and lungs of those looking for a bit different of an experience.

HHC isn’t technically related to THC, however, it’s showing some similar effects that users are taking a liking to.

Diving deeper, HHC made its first appearance all the way back in the year 1944 when Roger Adams, an American chemist, combined a hydrogen molecule with a Delta 9 THC molecule.

By using this process called hydrogenation, Roger Adams was able to convert THC into HHC. 

Hydrogenation is a common practice similar to how scientists take vegetable oil and make margarine out of it.

What Exactly Are HHC Disposables?

HHC disposables are a type of vape product used to conveniently inhale and enjoy near instant effects of the latest trending cannabinoid molecule.

The Tiny Dancer’s disposable vapes containing HHC are one of the strongest, cleanest, and most convenient methods of consuming HHC.

Disposable vapes created by The Tiny Dancer currently provides 10 premium quality flavors suitable for any occasion.

Tasty potent HHC disposable vapes include.

What makes HHC disposable vapes the preferred method for consuming this cannabinoid is they come already pre-charged, filled with HHC, and are ready to use right as you pull them out of its packaging.

No additional steps are required. Simply take your HHC disposable vape out of the box and enjoy immediately.

To use, simply start inhaling on the disposable vape. Once you inhale, the sensor automatically gets triggered to turn on the heating element that converts the delicious oil into vapor to inhale.

We conveniently designed HHC disposable vapes for a one-time use. Once you’ve consumed all the oil, discard.

Disposable vapes from The Tiny Dancer are a quality, affordable, clean way to enjoy HHC vape without needing to charge or refill for a no hassle, no mess, vaping experience.

Will HHC Get Me High?

Users are reporting HHC can give you an elevated feeling of enjoyment for a smoother experience to your normal day.

This new cannabinoid offers feelings that are interesting to specify. 

However, consumers suggest HHC has similar effects to the classic psychoactive THC molecule.

Users are reporting HHC is a more gentle, clear, and energetic high that’s not as potent as the other legal psychoactive cannabinoids on the market.

How Potent Is HHC?

Overall, HHC is less potent than the classic THC molecule variations.

Users report that the lesser potent experience is a powerful selling point because they’re able to feel a boost of energy while maintaining their higher cognitive functions.

Depending on the strain, you can either feel a boost of energy and/or a nice background high that can also soothe your body all over.

Is HHC Safe?

According to WebMD, HHC has no current approved applications as defined by the FDA and safety information is limited.

Because of the recent emergence of this newer cannabinoid, more research is necessary to confirm how HHC might affect different body types.

To find quality HHC, we recommend you purchase from companies who lab test all batches of products using certified third party facilities.

Thorough lab reports will verify there are no harmful chemicals or unwanted particulates, such as pesticides, mold, fungus, etc.

Like any substance that gives you a mental buzz, it’s recommended you use the same amount of caution as you would with any other recreational substance. 

Is HHC Legal?

Since HHC isn’t just another variation of the THC molecule seeking to find legal loopholes, this newly emerging cannabinoid is showing hope for long-lasting legality all over the US.

Even though a particular molecule is legal at the federal level, individual states and local counties have more power to enforce more strict laws in your immediate area.

While we do our best to restrict sales of HHC in locations where the law is clear, it’s best to check with your local regulations to make sure it’s legal where you live.

Is HHC Synthetic?

HHC is derived from the seeds and pollen from your typical hemp plant and then converted into HHC by adding a single hydrogen molecule to it.

While a small common conversion takes place, HHC is not technically synthetic because it’s derived from plant sources.

HHC Effects: What Are They And What Does It Do To Your Mind And Body?

When creating HHC, two distinct molecules arise and bind to your body’s endogenous cannabinoid receptors, each in its own unique manner.

One HHC type is called 9R HHC, and the other is 9S HHC.

The 9R HHC is showing its able to more easily bind to cannabinoid receptors that the 9S HHC molecule.

Richard Sams, a chemist from KCA Laboratories, explains how 9R HHC fits snuggly into cannabinoid receptors and produces similar effects of delta 8 THC.

Learn more: Delta-8-THC – Complete Guide To The Next Best Cannabinoid

Even though 9R HHC can easily bind to receptors, Richard Sams reveals that it typically takes a much larger amount of HHC to get similar effects of d8 THC.

In short, HHC can have similar effects of THC, but is less potent and usually requires a higher dose to get the effects that are on par with THC.

Where’s The Best Place To Purchase HHC Products?

People are finding purchasing HHC online is the most convenient, discreet, and safe method for obtaining quality products.

Buying online from reputable companies like Tiny Dancer allows you to view their growing selection of new HHC products.

Premium HHC providers will also include recent lab testing results on their website. 

The Tiny Dancer offers superior HHC Disposable Vape products in 10 fun strains and flavors.

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