Why Does My Delta 8 Cart Clog?

Delta 8 Carts come in a variety of flavors to suit everyone’s taste. While there is a growing need for carts for recreational purposes, a major issue keeps cropping up: clogged vapes. 

A Delta 8 Cartridge gets clogged due to extreme fluctuations in temperature, the change in viscosity of the product used, and not keeping the cart in the upright position. Also, pulling too hard on the cart and using low voltage batteries lead to clogging of the cart tube.

If you are a first-time user of a D8 Cart or are a veteran in the field, you will probably experience a clogged cartridge here and there, and that’s perfectly normal. In fact, with the increased use of vape carts, clogging occur more often than we would like and for various reasons. 

If you want to know more about the reasons for clogged carts and how to unclog them, keep reading!

Why Does My Cart Keep Getting Clogged?

High surrounding temperatures can vaporize the oil and alter the viscosity of Delta 8 THC inside the cart which can then clog after the oil has finally cooled down.

Similarly, low temperatures such as when storing the cart in the fridge, lower the temperature of the product, thereby impacting its thickness in the atomizer. 

The thickness of the vape liquid thus keeps on changing at different temperatures resulting in clogged cartridges. 

You should note that Delta 8 THC distillate is already a dense and thick liquid that can also clog your atomizer during condensation.

Bad storage practices sometimes also result in clogging. 

Do you tend to keep your carts in boxes, lying flat on a surface? 

Well, keeping a D8 cart horizontal for long periods of time facilitates clogging at the mouthpiece.

What’s more, each cartridge is made to work at a given temperature specified by the manufacturer. 

However, using a low-power battery does not always heat the oil to the required temperature. 

The vaping liquid thus remains thick and tends to clog. 

Hence, the cart does not function properly as this can also lead to a decrease in the vaporization of the liquid. 

Also, dust and solidified vape liquid trapped at the mouthpiece can affect the quality of the Delta 8 THC cart. 

Not maintaining the inside and tip of the Delta 8 Cart clean allows fine particles to settle and mix with the oil inside.

Clogs are thus easily formed which can then block the airway. 

So, there is no proper ventilation of the tube and burning of the oil which in turn decreases vaporization capability. 

Why Is My Delta 8 Cart Not Working?

Problems with the batteries of the cart are often the main reasons why a Delta 8 Cart stops working. 

Nowadays, the demand for D8 cartridges has increased exponentially so that numerous manufacturers produce all sorts of carts to meet the demand of the public. 

Carts come in various sizes and shapes. 

Therefore, battery compatibility issues with different types of vape cartridges might affect the proper functioning of D8 cartridges. 

Also, not heating the distillate properly before use can ruin the product and decrease vaporization. 

Remember, the vape liquid is very thick and sticky. 

Pre-heating liquefies the oil further to facilitate vaporization. 

Not warming up the vape oil results in the cart not producing enough vapors, or simply stopping to work. 

Beginners might find that their first cart does not function properly. 

This is why long-time users often say that the first puff is the hardest. 

Off-the-shelf carts remain in shops for a long time before they are bought and can sometimes fail to work at first. 

But, do not despair! You can still have value for your money. 

Taking a few puffs without turning on the batteries will clear the airway and make it easier for the liquid to flow and eventually vaporize. 

How Do I Stop My Vape Pen From Clogging?

While clogs are frequent occurrences, numerous solutions exist to prevent and remove them. 

First of all, regular and proper maintenance of the vape pen can be very useful to prevent clogs from accumulating inside the tube. 

Cleaning the tip of the pen maintaining the inside clear of any foreign particles will make your vape pen last longer while keeping it free from clogs. 

Here are some practical solutions to prevent and eliminate clogging: 

  1. Pre-heat the pen before use to get the distillate flowing smoothly. 
  2. Take a few puffs while the pen is not fired up to dislodge any clogs. 
  3. Clean the mouthpiece with a cotton bud or power towel after use to remove any residual product before it hardens and clogs. 
  4. Keep your pen upright at all times. 
  5. Avoid extreme temperatures.
  6. Keep your cart in a clean place and away from direct sunlight. 

Why Does My Disposable Vape Get Clogged?

Disposable vapes are very similar to Delta 8 THC Cartridges. 

The same internal mechanisms heat the distillate up to a certain temperature to produce vapors. 

Therefore, vape liquids in disposable vapes also clog through the same process as carts. 

Extreme temperatures affect the thickness of the sticky product inside the tube thus causing clogs to build up. 

Direct exposure to sunlight or extremely cold temperatures also directly affects the formation of clogs inside the disposable vapes. 

Moreover, pulling too hard on the vape pen can sometimes restrict the airway as excess oil is drawn into the tank which can instantly solidify to form undesirable clogs. 

Also, prolonged shelf time in shops and exposure to various surrounding environmental conditions can cause clogs to form inside the pen even before use. 

This explains the need to pre-heat your pen. 

Hence, to get rid of clogs in disposable vapes, follow these simple solutions: 

  • Rub the pen with both hands before use to warm it or use a hairdryer to blow hot air over the tube. 
  • Remove clogs at the tips with a power towel or small buds. 
  • Use a paper clip to poke through the clog.
  • Keep the vape away from extreme temperatures.
  • Pull gently on the vape until it hits. Beware of not burning your mouth though!   

If you adhere to these small tips, your cart will get little to no clogs.

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