The Tiny Dancer is fresh to online sales but is well know and frequently bought nation wide in a B2B manner. YOU have a unique opportunity to be one of the first to capitalize off this exciting new offering. We pay our affiliates so highly because we know customers come back to buy our brand and we appreciate and value our current and future affiliates. Our products are crafted with the best terpenes and flavor available and the consumer reviews prove it.

Why sell Tiny Dancer?

Delta-10, Delta-9, THC-O and HHC are all trending markets with a large amount of interest in the United States. With the legalization of hemp on a federal level following the 2018 Farm Bill, it opened the door for exciting new products to be marketed within the hemp industry. Delta-8, Delta-10, THC-O and HHC are just some of the new exciting cannabinoids that got legalized with the passing of the bill.

Delta-8, Delta-10, THC-O and HHC differ from. Delta-9 THC which is federally illegal, is the main psychoactive component of cannabis. The Farm bill defined hemp as anything below 0.3 Delta-9 THC, everything else is considered cannabis. Certain isolated cannabinoids, as long as not derived from cannabis, were legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill.

Out of Delta-9, Delta-10, THC-O and HHC, Delta-8 has the most market interest (but it is also the most saturated). Just to give you an idea, the term “delta-8” jumped from 2900 searches a month in April 2020 to 670,000 monthly searches 12 months later. From the trends we are seeing, we believe delta-10, THC-O and HHC will follow suite. The time to become and affiliate in these industries is now! Do not wait to jump on this train.

Our Commission Structure

Monthly Sales Affiliate Commission
$0.00 - $500
$500 - $1000
$1,000 - $2,000
$2,000 +

Program Highlights

The Tiny Dancer (AKA GenAlt LLC) offers the best tasting Delta-8 and HHC affiliate program in the world. We offer a massive up to 35% commission on every sale referred to our website. Its time to join the exciting hemp cannabinoid industry and stay ahead of the trend.

Up to 35% Commissions on ALL SALES

Regular and stable payout emails text links

63% of our sales are returning customers Media Following

Dedicated affiliate support and success manager for bloggers

Our Mission

With a strong focus on maximizing the purity and optimizing the production process, The Tiny Dancer’s primary focus is on delivering you the best quality of the federally legal delta 8 THC molecule.


After years of active development in paving the way towards a persistent vision of clean and pure cannabinoids, The Tiny Dancer is on its way to bringing consumers a wide range of delta 8 THC disposable vape strains and products to the market.


Not only is The Tiny Dancer a leading provider of quality delta 8 THC vape disposables, but they’re also continuing to make strategic partnerships to maintain and improve the long term reliability in delivery in delivering a consistent product.

Drop us a line

We are proud of the service we provide to our customers and know you will be pleased with becoming an affiliate. Should you have any questions or comments about our Affiliate Program or anything else, please feel free to contact our marketing team!

[email protected]
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