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Tiny Dancer THCP/HHCP/THCJD/THCM Entourage Blend – G SPOT (Indica) 2 grams Disposable

Lineage Afghan Kush G-13 Flavor Forbidden Citrus Lineage Reported Effects Sexual Stimulant Deeply Relaxing Head and Body High Stress and

Tiny Dancer D8/D10/THCM Super Blend – Wedding Crashers (Indica) 2 grams

Lineage Wedding Cake Purple Punch Flavor Strawberry Wedding Cake Experience A Blissful Indica Experience Looking for a strain that provides

Tiny Dancer D8/D10/CBG/CBN Blend – Rainbow Kush (Indica) 2 grams

Lineage Strawberry Cough Blue Zkittles Obama Kush Limoncello Flavor Rainbow Candy Experience