What Does Delta 8-THC Taste Like? What You Need To Know

Delta 8-THC doesn’t necessarily have a specific taste due to it being derived from a variety of hemp plant strains and/or converted from CBD.

Some users report pure delta 8-THC distillate has a tasteless or solvent-like taste. The actual taste of your delta 8-THC will depend on added terpenes in the final product. Added terpenes provide an enjoyable array of unique flavors based on what terpenes are mixed together.

If you want to know more about the different flavors and varieties of delta 8-THC in all its intricacies, read on!

Does Delta 8-THC Taste Bad?

The taste of delta 8-THC will depend on whether you are buying delta 8-THC distillate or concentrate cartridges. 

Like any product you consume, the appreciation of its taste will vary from person to person. 

Luckily enough, added flavors such as strawberry, citrus, and mint, etc., are nearly infinite! 

The incredible flavors usually come from terpenes that may be both hemp-derived or botanically derived. 

Some manufacturers mix both categories of terpenes to provide unique flavors like cookies and birthday cakes. 

With the possibilities being nearly limitless, you can feel confident knowing you’ll find a fantastic flavor of delta 8 THC vape disposable suitable for your taste buds. 

However, the taste of the flavorless delta 8-THC extract will depend on various criteria. 

This includes the company producing it, the method of extraction, and the strain of hemp plant used to derive delta 8-THC, and/or the conversion of CBD to delta 8 THC. 

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Customers usually report pure delta 8-THC to be anything from tasteless to solvent-like but the added terpenes mask the original taste beautifully. 

The strength of flavors also varies from accentuating the natural earthy tones of delta 8-THC to unique and distinct flavors like tiramisu. 

Does Delta 8-THC Have A Chemical Taste?

Some users have stated that some high concentration delta 8-THC products had a solvent-like or chemical-like taste. 

This may be due to the extraction or refinement method that was used to derive delta 8-THC from hemp products. 

Some anecdotes compare delta 8-THC’s taste with that of delta-9-THC and said that delta 8-THC has a less pleasant taste. 

Yet, all the flavors available can hide any potentially unpleasant taste that may be due to the extraction or conversion process. 

What Is The Best Way To Consume Delta 8-THC?

Delta 8-THC comes in various forms for consumption. 

One of the best ways to consume delta 8-THC is through vaping since it has a wider range of flavors that suits everyone’s preferences.

Delta 8-THC vapes should be bought from a trusted company since fraudulent ones may contain additives and Vitamin E acetate that are harmful to your health. 

Vaping juices usually contain delta 8-THC distillate and added terpenes for an enjoyable experience. 

Terpenes are aromatic oils derived from hemp and have specific flavors according to the strain they were obtained from.

Using ceramic cartridges provides a smoother taste of delta 8-THC distillate since it does not burn delta 8-THC as compared to a metal cartridge. 

As compared to edibles, users reported that the effects of delta 8-THC are immediately felt after a few puffs. 

Another way of consuming delta 8-THC is through dabbing. 

Dabbing is the process of vaporizing delta 8-THC concentrates on a hot surface which is then inhaled. 

Since the concentrates are used instead of distillates, a small amount can provide strong effects even on the most experienced user. 

The market offers a range of dab rigs, torches, and nails along with accessories like carp caps to accommodate every need. 

This method is recommended for experienced delta 8-THC users and those who have dabbed before. 

You must be comfortable with the effects of dabbing before attempting it with delta 8-THC.

Do Any Delta 8-THC Cartridges Have Different Flavors?

A whole range of delta 8 cartridge flavors is found on the market, from pure delta 8-THC distillate to terpene flavored delta 8-THC. 

There are over 100 identified terpenes compounds that are present in cannabis plants. 

The distillate usually comes as a thick transparent liquid in its purest form. 

Some of the more common delta 8-THC cartridge flavors include strawberry, mint, citrus, and a mixture of tropical fun flavors.

Other delta 8-THC manufacturers add botanical terpenes instead of hemp-derived terpenes to provide a more potent flavor variety to the distillate. 

Depending on the consumer’s sensitivity to terpenes, botanical terpenes can either provide an enjoyable experience or may taste too sweet. 

Do Delta 8-THC Disposable Vapes Contain Terpenes?

Most delta 8-THC cartridges contain terpenes to mask the natural taste of the distillate. 

There are several mixtures of terpenes that are used to provide unique blends to suit the preferences of customers.

The terpenes are either derived from cannabis or other botanical plants. 

According to most delta 8-THC consumers, cannabis-derived terpenes can work better with delta 8-THC than botanical ones. 

This may be due to the unique taste of delta 8-THC that does not match the stronger flavors from botanical terpenes. 

Here is a list of the most common hemp-derived terpenes and their flavors.


The earthy and citrus notes unique to myrcene have made it a cult favorite to enhance the taste of delta 8-THC. 

It works harmoniously well with delta 8-THC derived from White Widow and Special Kush to provide relaxing effects. 


A sweet and spicy terpene that is famously known for its ability to mimic the actions of cannabinoids. 

The Hash Plant is the main source for Beta-Caryophyllene. 


Known for its unique properties, ocimene can be found in Dutch Treat Haze cannabis strains. 

This terpene provides earthy and sweet flavors to delta 8-THC distillate. 

What Are The Best Delta 8 THC Flavors Available?

We analyzed the market to find the best flavors of delta 8-THC according to reviews. 

Here is a list of the three best flavors.

Tropical Cough Green Sativa Delta 8-THC Disposable Vape

The Tropical Cough disposable is mostly made of Green Sativa derived delta 8-THC. 

It’s a delicious mix full of fruity aromas. 

You can immediately detect the sweet candy lemon, strawberry, other berries, and pineapple taste. 

Tropical terpenes work harmoniously with this enticing strain of delta 8-THC. 

This product triggers a moderately high effect with a happy and delightful psychoactive experience. 

Rainbow Kush Indica Delta 8-THC Disposable Vape

The Rainbow Kush disposable contains Indica-derived delta 8-THC with an evenly balanced terpene profile.

It fills up your taste bud with Strawberry, Blue-Raz, and Limoncello flavors along with subtle hints of the sugary Rainbow candy. 

Also providing a perfect equilibrium between the delta 8-THC hybrid strain that comes from Dancehall and Blueberry Indica cannabis varieties. 

This mouth-watering disposable bestows a spicy-sweet, yet mildly fruity flavor to ensure a relaxing high experience. 

Tiny Twistz Green Hybrid Delta 8-THC Disposable Vape

The delta 8-THC in Tiny Twistz is a Green hybrid that provides a euphoric experience to the consumer. 

The pure hybrid furnishes a dynamic adventure full of vivid citrus flavor terpenes. 

This bright mix reminds users of candy citrus with a slight Tangerine aftertaste after a large exhale. 

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