How To Use Delta 8 THC? What You Need To Know

Delta 8 THC has seen a tremendous boost in popularity among cannabis users, mainly because it provides a legal high. However, with the new product, we wonder how to use the Delta 8 products correctly.

The correct way of using Delta 8 THC will depend on the type of product you are using and its effects. You can use the same methods as Delta 9 or CBD when consuming Delta 8. However, you should note that the distillate is thicker and dense than any other distillate.

Since the consistency of the Delta 8 is different, there are a few precautionary steps that you must take when using the compound.

If you want to know more about how to use Delta 8 THC in all of its forms, keep reading!

How Exactly To Use Delta 8 THC?

The correct way of consuming Delta 8 THC will depend on the type of product you are using. 

Generally, the most common form of Delta 8 available on the market is in a distillate form.

Since the synthesis of the compound is obtained from CBD, the distillate form is the first state of having pure Delta 8. 

Delta 8 distillate is a thick translucent liquid similar to a CBD distillate and can be used the same way as any other cannabinoid distillate.

You can access syringes and carts with Delta 8 extracts that can be vaporized using a standard dab rig or vaporizer.

Vaping is one of the most common ways of consuming Delta 8 distillate. 

There are several Delta 8 cartridges on the market that are adapted to vape pens. 

In some products, Delta 8 is mixed with other cannabinoids to provide a more potent effect.

According to anecdotal reviews, smoking Delta 8 and CBD flower enhances the effects of the Delta 8 concentrate.  

However, while the distillate can be orally consumed without any significant side effects, there is limited research on the oral consumption of Delta 8 in the scientific field. 

Do You Inhale Delta 8 THC?

A large majority of people inhale Delta 8 THC through vaping or smoking the distillate. 

Some users even observed that inhaling the compound provided the strongest and fastest effects than when eating Delta 8. 

Vaping Delta 8 is easily done with a standard vape pen and cartridges containing Delta 8 distillate. 

However, you should note that the distillate has a very thick consistency, sometimes seeming solid at room temperature.

Therefore, the distillate can clog the mouthpiece of your cartridge when it is cooled after consumption. 

If it is the case, you can heat the distillate again using a hairdryer or leaving the cartridge in the sun for at least five minutes. 

Delta 8 THC can also be available in flower form.

This is done by infusing CBD flowers with Delta 8 THC during and after harvest time. 

Growers spray the distillate over the buds and may add terpenes to reduce the viscosity of Delta 8.

After spraying, the flowers are placed in a tumbler at low speed for an even distribution of the distillate. 

You can smoke the flowers like you usually would with Delta 9 or CBD flowers.

How Do You Use A Delta 8 THC Syringe?

Below you will find the simple steps on how to use a Delta 8 syringe:Heat the syringe. Most syringes contain Delta 8 as the sticky and viscous distillate. To obtain a smoother and liquid distillate, you need to heat the syringe.Water bath. To heat the syringe, pour hot water into a bowl. Carefully place the syringe in the hot water bath for up to fifteen minutes, depending on your water bath’s temperature. Leave the cap on the needle to prevent the oil from seeping out of the syringe.Hairdryer or other heating element. You can also heat the syringe with a hairdryer. Remove the cap from the needle and carefully heat the syringe with your hairdryer. You may use heat-resistant gloves if needed. To prevent the melted oil from getting out of the syringe, pull the plunger back and hold the syringe upright with the needle pointing upwards.

You should note that partial heating when using both the water bath or hairdryer will prevent all the distillate from coming out of the syringe. 

In that case, do not force the plunger.

Instead, reheat the syringe until all the Delta 8 distillate is liquified. 

Delta 8 should flow easily out from the syringe to ensure that the syringe does not break. 

Moreover, if you dispense Delta 8 too slowly in your edibles, the distillate can harden quickly and clog the needle. 

Most syringes are designed for one-time use only as it is difficult to clean the tool once the distillate cools off.

How To Use Delta 8 Vape Pen Disposable?

You can use Delta 8 vape pens as you would with a CBD or Delta 9 vaporizer. 

Some disposable vape pens are already pre-charged and pre-packaged with the distillate. 

All you need to do is turn on the pen, heat the distillate, and inhale Delta 8 fumes. 

In other disposable pens, you can directly inhale through the mouthpiece as they are immediately turned on when you start inhaling. 

Also, in some instances, disposable devices come with a universal USB cable to recharge if the battery suddenly dies. 

The main advantage of disposable vape pens is that you do not have to buy additional hardware to use them. 

They have in-built presets that automatically do the job for you. 

Usually, it is recommended to take small draws if you are a first-time user. 

While disposable vape pens are not designed for long-term use, you may want to keep the distillate as long as possible. 

Therefore, you can store your vape in a cool, dry place since humidity can damage the hardware and affect battery life.

How To Use Delta 8 Tincture?

Delta 8 tinctures are used for oral consumption. The use of tinctures can be divided into three categories, namely ingestion, sublingual, or topical.

  1. Ingestion

You can swallow Delta 8 THC distillate on its own or add the oil to your favorite food or drinks. 

With a tincture, your options are limitless since you can add them to a large selection of foods, such as during meals, desserts, or snacks. 

You should note that the more potent effects will be felt after two to three hours after consumption. 

  1. Sublingual

Using a tincture sublingually means that you are placing some Delta 8 drops under your tongue for up to one minute. 

When placed under the tongue, the compound quickly moves to the sublingual artery and enters your blood. 

With this method, you can avoid delta 8 being metabolized in the liver and the gut.

  1. Topical

Using tinctures for topical application is not a widespread method of using Delta 8. 

However, this approach is gradually gaining popularity because of the potential therapeutic effects of Delta 8. 

You should note that Delta 8 does not provide any high when applied to the skin.

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